6 Trends Driving the Future of Information Technology

Information technology doesn’t stand still. It is an ever-evolving field that presents new surprises every passing day. The list of the present technology is endless and overwhelming. At the same time, there is an infinite list of trends to watch out for in the coming years. Here is what may define tech in 2020 and beyond.


1. Autonomous things

We have seen drones break technology barriers, such as security applications and in drug deliveries. Information technology scientists are investing mainly in independent things like drones and robots. Therefore, we expect to see more of such advancements in the future. By the look of things, artificial intelligence might even take over industrial operations.

2. Digital twins

Have you ever heard of a digital twin? It is the technological representation of a “real world” system or entity. It is estimated that by 2020, there will be over 20 million connected endpoints and sensors. That way, digital twins will come to life in billions of things. They will evolve over the years, and eventually, their ability to visualize porno and collect the proper data will improve.

3. Cloud computing

A survey by IDG in 2018 revealed that cloud computing has come of age and that we should expect more developments. Over three-quarters of enterprises have at least one or more application in cloud computing. Revenue from this tech amounted to over $60 US million in 2018. This year, there has been a rise in these figures. By default, we expect to see more of it over the coming years. There will be a shift from the simple infrastructure solutions to creating cloud technologies that can drive profits.


4. Blockchain evolution

Most of us associate blockchain with cryptocurrencies, but there is more to it. The technology has been expanding since its inception, and the trend is not likely to change. The focus is expected to be on building a robust industrial image for the brand, which will separate it from bitcoin and other technologies. There is a chance that bitcoin will converge with other technologies like IoT and fog computing. In the process, more practical cases will come up, and the demand for blockchain will increase.

5. 5G proliferation

At some point, 4G seemed more of a fantasy than an invention. Now that it is the norm, everyone is looking for greener pastures, and in this case, that is 5G. We expect 5G smartphones to be launched in 2020 and gain popularity over the next few years. At this rate, 10G is at the corner of reality. In the meantime, let’s all sit and wait in anticipation for 5G.