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The ARTEMIS Embedded Computing Systems Initiative

Welcome to the Information Age with computers and communications at its foundation. ARTEMIS aims to help European industry consolidate and reinforce its world leadership in embedded computing technologies. The economic impact in terms of jobs and growth is expected to exceed € 100 billion over ten years.

Already, over 98% of all computing chips are are actually hidden or "embedded" in all sorts of things that do not even look like computers. Computers are moving away from the desktop and can be found in everyday devices like credit cards, mobile phones, cars and planes. Innovations made possible by embedded systems make our lives healthier and more interesting, our transport safer, and our energy use more sustainable. They are at the heart of industrial innovation and competitiveness, creating and sustaining jobs and economic well-being. Over 4 billion embedded processors were sold in 2006 and the global market is worth € 60 billion with annual growth rates of 14%.

Computing technology is facing many threats and challenges from fragmentation, globalisation and fierce competition. The European Union recognises the strategic importance of Embedded Computing Systems and has launched the ARTEMIS Joint Technology Initiative (JTI). The ARTEMIS JTI is implemented as a Joint Undertaking (JU) which is a public-private partnership between:

  • The European Commission
  • ARTEMIS Member States
  • The ARTEMIS Industry Association, the non-profit Industrial Association
ARTEMIS-IA is the ARTEMIS Industrial Association which represents the research commmunity, including Industry (large, small and medium sized companies), universities and research institutes. ARTEMIS-IA members define and maintain the strategic, technical work plan on behalf of ARTEMIS-JU, for implementation in ARTEMIS-JU funded projects.

The ARTEMIS-JU is an organisation based in Brussels, that was legally established in February 2008 and became autonomous in October 2009. It organises funding for selected projects and is managed by an Executive Director.

ARTEMIS aims to tackle the research and structural challenges faced by European industry by defining and implementing a coherent Research Agenda for Embedded Computing Systems. The ARTEMIS JU will manage and co-ordinate research activities through open calls for proposals through a 10-year, €2.5 billion research programme on Embedded Computing Systems. The programme is open to organisations in European Union Member States and Associated Countries. Selected projects will be co-financed by the Joint Undertaking and the Member States that have joined ARTEMIS. 



Mission statement

Define and implement the Research Agenda for the development of key technologies in the field of Embedded Computing Systems, by creating a sustainable public-private partnership and leveraging and increasing private and public investment in the sector of embedded systems in Europe. 

Vision and Objectives

The ARTEMIS JU aims to achieve effective coordination and synergy of resources and funding from the industry, the Framework Programme, national R & D programmes and intergovernmental R & D schemes, thus contributing to strengthening Europe's future growth, competitiveness and sustainable development. 


ARTEMIS seeks to foster collaboration between all stakeholders such as industry, including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), national or regional authorities, academic and research centres, pulling together and focusing the research effort.
The ARTEMIS JU adopts a commonly agreed research agenda closely following the recommendations of the Strategic Research Agenda developed by the ARTEMIS Technology Platform. This Research Agenda identifies and regularly reviews research priorities for the development and adoption of key technologies for embedded computing systems across different application areas in order to strengthen European competitiveness and allow the emergence of new markets and applications important to society. 


The ARTEMIS JU will support R & D Activities through open and competitive calls for proposals published on a yearly base, to attract the best European research ideas and capacities in the field of Embedded Computing systems. Proposals submitted to ARTEMIS JU calls undergo a technical evaluation and selections process carried out with the assistance of independent experts. This process ensures that allocation of the ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking's public funding follows the principles of equal treatment, excellence and competition.