ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking

Call for proposals: ARTEMIS-2013-1

This call is now CLOSED

Budget allocation in France modified
- The eligibility criteria and funding rates for Italy have been updated
- The budget for the call has been updated. Participants from Belgium–Wallonia  are now also eligible for national funding.  Please consult the updated “Call Fiche V3”  and the “Eligibility Criteria and Funding rates V4” documents for more details.
- 30/4/2013. Portugal has confirmed budget commitments. These are included in the table below. Please contact National Authority for details of funding rates and eligibility. 2/5/2013: The Information Package has now been updated to include the latest infiormation from Portugual.

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Please note: The optional "Expression of Interest" phase is now closed. Full Project Proposals should be submitted before the deadline indicated below.

The information contained on this page is an indicative summary only. All official documentation for this Call can be found at the FP7 PARTICIPANT PORTAL.

Call title: ARTEMIS-JU Call 2013      IdentifierARTEMIS-2013-1

Publication Date: 26th February 2013

OJ ReferenceOJ C056 of 26 February 2013 (see

Closure date: Deadline for submission of Full Project Proposals: 6th of June 2013 at 17:00:00 (Brussels local time). The closure time is strictly applied.

CALL DOCUMENTATION. Official documentation about the ARTEMIS Call 2013 can be found at the FP7 PARTICIPANT PORTAL. The text below gives an indicative summary. Please refer to the official documentation for full details.

Evaluation procedure: one-stage procedure will be followed: proposers must directly submit a Full Project Proposal (FPP). The evaluation criteria and sub-criteria, including weights and thresholds, and the selection and award criteria can be found in the Annual Work Programme 2013 (Annex 1 ASP and Annex 2 AIPP respectively).

NOTE: There is no Project Outline (PO) phase in this call - proposers must submit a Full Project Proposal (FPP) directly.

Expression of Interest

In parallel with the Call for Proposals of 2013, ARTEMIS-JU is launching a voluntary “Expression of Interest” (EoI), for which a template document can be found below.

Call 2013 Expression of Interest Template: EoI Template - RTF.rtf

This "EoI" is an informal and optional submission that will be used by the ARTEMIS-JU Office staff to get a first picture of the anticipated coverage of the programme. It will also be sent to the National Funding Authorities of the ARTEMIS Member States participating in your proposal, so that they are given advance information about the projects they may be asked to finance.

Written feedback will be delivered by e–mail, but please note that this feedback will be based on very limited and preliminary information and will be informal in nature, having no legal value. It will simply provide opinions that we hope will be useful to you. Any information you provide in this Expression of Interest and any feedback you receive based on it will have no influence whatsoever on the evaluation of your Full Project Proposal.

Though the submission of this Expression of Interest is optional, we highly recommend that you do participate. The deadline for submitting an EoI is 8th March 2013 (EoI's sent in later will not receive feedback).

You can submit an "Expression of Interest" to ARTEMIS by sending your completed document, based on the template above, by e-mail to, quoting "EoI submission" and the name of your proposal in the subject line.


Indicative Funding Budgets: 
The total Indicative Budget for this call: 75.702.000 €.  
This comprises the following ARTEMIS-JU funding and the National funding from the ARTEMIS Member States:
ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking contribution:
ARTEMIS Member States contribution
26.862.000 €
48.840.000 €

The ARTEMIS Annual Work Programme for 2013 (please refer to the documentation package) calls for two types of projects: ARTEMIS Sub-Programme projects (ASPs, similar to previous Calls, described in "Annex 1 ASP" of the AWP 2013) and ARTEMIS Innovation Pilot Projects (AIPPs, described in "Annex 2 AIPP" of the AWP). ARTEMIS Member States can provide budgets specifically for ASPs, specifically for AIPPs or a budget that can be allocated to either type of project. Please study the information in the Call documentation and read the AWP 2013 carefully when deciding which type of project is the most appropriate for your submission.

The table below shows the breakdown of the indicative funding budget by country.

Country Part ASPs Part AIPPs Parts ASPs or AIPPs (no preference) TOTAL
Austria        1.000.000         3.000.000          4.000.000
Belgium (Flanders)            2.000.000        2.000.000
Belgium (Brussels)               500.000           500.000
Belgium (Wallonia)            1.000.000        1.000.000
Cyprus                     -                        -                       -                       -  
Czech Republic            1.420.000        1.420.000
Germany            6.000.000        6.000.000
Denmark            1.300.000        1.300.000
Estonia                     -                        -                       -                       -  
Spain            5.000.000        5.000.000
Finland            5.000.000        5.000.000
France        1.000.000          1.000.000        2.000.000
United Kingdom            3.200.000        3.200.000
Greece                     -                        -                       -                       -  
Hungary               500.000           500.000
Ireland                  1.000.000        1.000.000
Italy           1.000.000          1.000.000
Latvia               220.000           220.000
Netherlands            7.000.000        7.000.000
Norway            1.500.000        1.500.000
Poland            2.000.000        2.000.000
Portugal           400.000            800.000                       -          1.200.000
Romania                     -                        -                        -                       -  
Sweden           3.000.000        3.000.000
Slovenia                      -                        -                        -                       -  
 Total ARTEMIS Member States       2.400.000          4.800.000     41.640.000        48.840.000  
JU contribution       1.320.000         2.640.000      22.902.000      26.862.000
GRAND TOTAL       3.720.000         7.440.000      64.542.000      75.702.000


  • Germany: ASPs, AIPP 3 and 5
  • Italy: In addition to the grants listed above, private enterprises can also be funded with loans by the national funding authority. For the specific conditions, please contact the NFA
  • PT. Budget added 30/04/2013. As of 2/5/2013, the Information Package has been updated to include the latest infiormation from Portugual.

Eligibility criteria: The eligibility criteria for Full Project Proposals and the eligibility criteria to receive funding from the ARTEMIS JU and from ARTEMIS Member States are specified in the document set (see the "Guide for Applicants" and "Eligibility Criteria and Funding Rates" documents).

Objectives: Please see the Annual Work Programme 2013.

Indicative timetable: 

  • The ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking intends to provide feedback to the proposers with an Evaluation Summary Report by September 2013.
  • It is expected that the selection of Full Project Proposals for funding will take place during September 2013.
  • Negotiations for the selected proposals must be completed by December 2013.

Project agreements: Participants in any project resulting from this call are required to conclude amongst themselves a project agreement. This project agreement shall, amongst others, lay down the intellectual property arrangements in compliance with Article 23 of the Statutes annexed to Council Regulation 74/2008 of 20 December 2007 on the establishment of the ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking. (see under "Additional Information" below). A template "ARTEMIS Project Consortium Agreement" (APCA) is available from the ARTEMIS Industry Association (ARTEMIS-IA), at

Please also have a look at the IPR helpdesk for any specific issue related to IPR:

Ethical requirements: The ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking will not support projects which are contrary to fundamental ethical principles and those recalled in article 4 of the Council decision 2006/975/EC of 19 December 2006 concerning the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Community. See  for information.


Information Package: These are the key documents required for the preparation of your proposal. Many have been updated since Call 2012, so please check carefully. The full information package is available at the FP7 PARTICIPANT PORTAL as individual documents.


Submitting an ARTEMIS Project Proposal

ARTEMIS makes use of the FP7 Electronic Submission Services for proposal submission. Proposals submitted any other way will not be accepted.

The Electronic Submission Services can be accessed via the FP7 PARTICIPANT PORTALProject Coordinators should create the first draft of the proposal: other participants in the proposal can then be invited to join. (Note: only invite partners who have already agreed to participate in the proposal. The Electronic Submission Services is not a partner search tool!). Please consult he “Guide for Applicants” section 4 for more details.


Additional Information:

Useful documents on the call and on the ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking in general. 

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