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Call for proposals: ARTEMIS-2011-1


The mandatory Project Outline phase of this call is now closed, as of 17h00 on 31/3/2011.

Please note: National Budget table has been updated, and a new revision of the "Guide for Applicants" is available (latest release: 5/7/2011). The "eligibility criteria" are also updated (affects partners in Belgium only).

   All successfully submitted proposals are now under evaluation.



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Call title: ARTEMIS-JU Call 2011 

Identifier: ARTEMIS-2011-1

Publication Date: 1st March 2011

OJ Reference: OJ C064 of 1 March 2011 (see


Closure dates:
Deadline for submission of mandatory Project Outlines: 31st of March 2011 at 17:00:00 (Brussels local time)
Deadline for submission of Full Project Proposals: 1st of September 2011 at 17:00:00 (Brussels local time)


Evaluation procedure:

  • two-stage procedure will be followed: proposers must submit Project Outlines (PO), followed by the submission of Full Project Proposals (FPP). 
  • The submission of an eligible Project Outline is mandatory for the submission of a Full Project Proposal. 
  • The evaluation criteria and sub-criteria, including weights and thresholds, and the selection and award criteria are set out in the Annual Work Programme 2011.
  • details of the Selection and Evaluation procedures can be found here:  Selection and Evaluation


Indicative Funding Budgets:

The total funding budget is 72.423.750 €, and comprises National funding and funding from the ARTEMIS-JU.

Total ARTEMIS Member States' contribution:  46.725.000  €

ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking: 25.698.750  


National Funding Budgets (€)


Austria 3.000.000 Belgium 2.500.000(2)  (1) Pending the relevant National Ministerial authorization

(2) distributed as follows: 2.000.000 for the Flemish region, 500.000 for Brussels Region 
Cyprus - Czech Republic 1.100.000
Germany 8.000.000 Denmark 1.300.000
Estonia 300.000 Spain(1) 4.000.000
Finland 6.000.000 France 2.000.000
United Kingdom 3.200.000 Greece -
Hungary(1) - Ireland(1) 1.000.000
Italy(1) 5.000.000 Latvia 75.000
Netherlands(1)  4.000.000 Norway 1.500.000
Portugal - Romania -
Sweden(1)  3.000.000 Slovenia 750.000


The budgetary figures given are indicative. The total public funds awarded by the ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking to projects arising from this call, following the evaluation and selection of proposals, may differ from the total budget of the call.

Financial contribution of the ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking to participants in projects:

Following the evaluation, selection and award procedures of the ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking, the ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking will conclude grant agreements with participants. The financial contribution of the ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking will be 16.7% of eligible costs incurred by participants to implement the projects.

Financial contribution of the ARTEMIS Member States to participants in projects:

Following the evaluation, selection and award procedures of the ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking, ARTEMIS Member States will conclude national grants with participants. The financial contribution of the ARTEMIS Member States will be a certain % of eligible costs incurred by participants to implement the projects which may vary according to the type of participant and the type of R&D activity as specified by each Member State (see the Guide for Applicants). 


Eligible costs: 


Eligibility criteria: The eligibility criteria for Project Outlines and Full Project Proposals, as well as the eligibility criteria to receive funding from the ARTEMIS JU and from ARTEMIS Member States are specified in the document on eligibility criteria.


Objectives: The objectives of the Call are set out in the Annual Work Programme 2011.


Indicative timetable: 

  • The ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking intends to provide the proposers with an assessment of Project Outlines by mid May 2011. 
  • It is expected that the selection of Full Project Proposals for funding will take place in October 2011.
  • It is expected that the grant agreement negotiations for the selected proposals will start in late October 2011.


Project agreements: Participants in any project resulting from this call are required to conclude amongst themselves a project agreement. This project agreement shall lay down the intellectual property arrangements in compliance with Article 23 of the Statutes annexed to Council Regulation 74/2008 of 20 December 2007 on the establishment of the ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking. (see under "Additional Information" below)


Ethical requirements: The ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking will not support projects which are contrary to fundamental ethical principles and those recalled in article 4 of the Council decision 2006/975/EC of 19 December 2006 concerning the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Community. See  for information.


Information Package: These are the key documents required for the preparation of your proposal. Many have been updated since Call 2010, so please check carefully.



Templates. These are the blank documents for "Part B" which you should use to write your project proposal - one for the Project Outline (PO) and one for the Full Project Proposal (FPP). Take care to use the right one - they look similar.


You can also get the complete Information Package in a compressed format. To access the files, you will need a file compression utility capable of opening the '.zip' format.



The ARTEMIS Proposal Submission Service

ARTEMIS makes use of the FP7 Electronic Proposal Submission Service (EPSS) for proposal submission. Proposals submitted any other way will not be accepted.

Project Coordinators should register themselves first and set up the basic parameters of the proposal. Other participants in the proposal can then be invited to join. (Note: only invite partners who have already agreed to participate in the proposal. The EPSS is not a partner search tool!)

Additional Information:


Useful documents on the call and on the ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking in general. 


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